LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Summertime means more motorcycles are out on the roads. Of course, safety is always a big concern.

Which is why Lansing police spent Thursday with a few crash test dummies, learning how to investigate motorcycle crashes.

“The training is to help us become better investigators to accurately investigate a scene as to what caused the crash,” said Anthony Vandevoorde with LPD.

He added that it is not just about what caused the crash, but ways to inform the public on how to stay safe.

Simulated crashes are how investigators were able to practice and learn about a number of outcomes.

Vandevoorde said they start in the classroom, then head outside for the real thing.

“We’re actually putting it into a controlled environment where we can confirm our math and our investigation into how and why this crash occurred,” said Vandevoorde.

Motorcycle crashes are almost always more dangerous than other types of crashes.

According to the state, there were more than 3,100 motorcycle crashes in 2021.

“Motorcycle riders are more exposed they don’t have the protection features of an automobile so with a crash involving them we see typically the riders experience a lot more trauma and injuries due to that,” Vandevoorde continued.

The aim of this training? To help officers more accurately understand exactly what happened.

Ride a motorcycle? Be sure to wear a helmet. Advocates say wearing one reduces head injuries by 69% and risk of death by 42%.