LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The Lansing Police Department has released video of the deadly shooting last week involving one Lansing police officer and three Michigan State Police troopers. 

The body cam footage of the incident shows the moments leading up to the shooting that killed 35-year-old Nicolas Micko.

The incident happened on Jan. 5, and according to LPD, Micko was pointing a gun at people in the area of Irene Court and making threats to law enforcement. Police say he was shot by officers while “advancing towards them” with a gun. 

The newly released video begins with a message from Lansing Police Chief Ellery Sosebee, who sets the stage for what happened, and asks for patience as the investigation continues. 

After the message from Sosebee, we hear the 911 calls from people who said they saw a man, believed to be Micko, waving a gun in the area. 

“The neighbor kid is outside he has been tripping all day, he has a gun now he is shoo – he is pointing at us,” the caller said. “Please hurry.”

LPD said shortly after the officers arrived, they heard gunshots. You can faintly hear several popping sounds in the background.

“There is active gunfire, I don’t know where it’s coming from,” one of the LPD officers said.

Sosebee said as trained in an active shooter situation, the officers moved towards the threat.

The officers found a person who matched the description of the man described by neighbors. He began to start walking towards them and the team gave him commands to put his hands up.

The man eventually stopped walking and reached for something in his pocket. One officer yells “gun!” and the video stops.

The shooting itself is not shown.

Sosebee said once it was safe the officers approached the man and gave CPR, which is partially shown on video.

There is also a still shot of the gun laying next to the man.

The name of the Lansing Police Officer involved is James Zolnai, who has been with the department for five years. Zolnai has been placed on administrative leave, which is department policy. 

In addition, three troopers with the Michigan State Police have been placed on leave. 

This is an ongoing story and will continue to be updated.