LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The Lansing Police Department has released video of a deadly shooting on Oct. 4 and named the two officers who fired shots during the incident.

In a press conference on the day of the shooting, police said Terrence Robinson, 31, was shot and killed after firing several rounds at police in the 2000 block of Malcolm X St.

Below you can find a full recap of what was shown in the police video of the incident.


The LPD video begins with a recorded message from Chief Ellery Sosebee.

After Sosebee’s message, the video plays the original 911 call reporting shots fired in the area.

Then it shows body cam footage of an officer outside a home talking to a person, saying they have a warrant. The officer asked the man if he was armed and then they eventually took cover behind several cars.

Over the course of the video, you hear several shots being periodically fired. Dash cam video shows a police car being hit with bullets twice. Police said the shots were being fired by Robinson.

In an on-screen message, Lansing police said officers at the scene then called for the department’s special tactical and rescue team to help negotiate and provide additional resources.

Police said officers tried negotiating with Robinson to get him to surrender and during those negotiations, several more shots were fired towards officers.

“T, listen man, nobody wants to die today, alright, let’s just come out and we can sort this out,” an LPD officer can be heard saying.

At some point, Robinson began running away, and in a slow motion replay, you can see him firing a shot behind him. He continues running towards a police car and as he gets closer he gets hit and goes down.

Police shared a photo of Robinson and a handgun on the ground nearby.

Two other photos were also shared that shows bullet holes in an LPD car.

Sosebee then named the officers who fired shots during the incident as Nicholas Zuber and Daniel Salinaz.