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Lansing residents hoping to squish bedbug problem

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) - A bedbug problem has many people who live in Lansing's Washington Avenue apartments concerned.

6 News went to REO Town to follow up on a tip sent to our newsroom.

"I want to be out, I want to be far away from this building, I want my money back."

MSU senior Ryan Jenkins says he read reviews citing bedbug issues at Washington Avenue Apartments before he moved in, and the building manager put his fears at ease before Jenkins signed the lease in April this year. 

"She professionally talked them all down, said that it was all old management that was the issue, and no current issues were residing," Jenkins said.

But just a few months later, Jenkins developed a rash all over his body that he couldn't explain.

"I started developing what I thought was like hives, like stress hives from school."

He later found out that it was caused by a bedbug infestation, and when he saw a bug in his bed for the first time in June, he captured it and took it straight to his landlord.

Jenkins says they treated his apartment twice, once in August and again in September. Each treatment lasted four weeks and he says they were more of an inconvenience than anything else.

"I wasn't allowed to have anything on any shelves, anything in any closets," Jenkins said. "All of my clothes had to be washed, dried and put into sealed plastic bags for the entire four weeks of the treatment."

Jenkins says he slept on his couch or in his car during the treatments. The residue from the treatments remained on his floors and walls. So far he says the treatments aren't working.

Other people in the building tell 6 News they've had the same problem in their units and they reached out to management for help.

"And I don't want anybody else to be signing new leases in a building that is currently infested with bedbugs," Jenkins said.

6 News talked to building management this afternoon and they said treating the entire building at once is not an option due to the nature of bedbug infestations. They're working on a treatment plan for the rest of the apartments. 

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