LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The Lansing School District has announced the closure of three elementary schools in the district, with students set to move to other buildings in the district.

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Big changes are coming to the Lansing School District as they announced some elementary schools are set to close within the next year.

Because of this, many students will be moving to other buildings within the district.

Lansing School District officials were feeling excited and hopeful at Friday’s meeting as they broke down the future plan for six of their elementary schools.

Starting next school year, Lansing School District is merging six elementary schools into three.

“For many years, decades really, the Lansing School District has had some systems and structures that weren’t always putting children first. And so when you look at what really matters for a child’s education, one of the first things you want to think of is, is the building that they’re going to, the best building possible,” said LSD Superintendent Ben Schuldiner.

Reo elementary students will be moving to Attwood and Kendon students will transition to north. Lastly, after Lansing voters passed a bond back in May, Willow students will transition and join Riddle Elementary School.

“What we hear from parents over and over again is, I want to send all my kids to one school,” said Schuldiner.

Reo and Kendon will remain a hub for programs such as Head Start and Pre-K.

Willow will be demolished with plans to rebuild eventually turn into a K -8 campus.

“K8 serves so many amazing purposes. The first one again, is that it economy rescales… Allowing to serve children better. It reduces transitions for children,” said Schuldiner.

Parents we spoke to at Kendon elementary say they are apprehensive about the change,
saying they aren’t sure they want their children in a bigger school and with older students.

However, school officials say the older students can serve as mentors to the younger generation…

“You’d be amazed what the 7th graders can do positively… Read books to the first graders. All sorts of great things,” said Schuldiner.

Teachers and staff will also transition to the new schools as well.

Starting in January, faculties will start meeting together and the families and kids will be able to tour their new schools.

“With this plan, we will be able to utilize our school buildings for various reasons. By partnering with Head Start and other community partners, Reo and Kendon will continue to be vibrant buildings in the community.,” said Board of Education president Gabrielle Lawrence.

“We are proud of our continuous collaboration with the community, providing early childhood services that are designed to promote school readiness for our youngest learners,” said Associate Director-Director of Early Childhood Programs for Capital Area Community Services, Dr. Nolana Nobles. “We look forward to the opportunity to expand our partnership with the Lansing School District, as we share a vision for quality education for all children.”