ST. JOHNS, Mich. (WLNS) – St. Johns Mayor Roberta Cocco is on her way out, she announced during Monday’s City Commission Meeting.

Cocco was sworn in on November 28, 2022, meaning she served just 148 days of this term.

“The reluctance of staff to provide me with the basic information and material necessary to perform my duty, as well as their reluctancy to share standard processes, communication norms or financial records, and I was surprised that my inquiries were met with hostility,” said Cocco. “While I remained committed to my role as a public servant, at this time I realize there isn’t much more I can accomplish in this role.”

Vice Mayor Scott Dzurka will take over for Cocco until the next election.

The commission will decide within the next 20 days if a special election is needed.

“It’s unfortunate that Ms. Cocco felt hostility regarding these inquiries,” said Dzurka. “This situation has, however, shown us that we need to provide more clarity about roles and responsibilities. The commissioners and City staff have been, and will continue to be, a team in pursuit of the best interests of our residents.”