LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — This winter in mid-Michigan has been fairly warm, and while some people are happy about the weather it is causing stress for others.

Usually during this month you would typically see a lot of snow outside. Although, we have had some snowfall, landscaping companies who count on the weather to make a living are having a rough time.

Brian Bertsch is the president of Land Visions, a company that has been removing snow around the Lansing area for almost 20 years.

“Each year it seems to be winter comes later in the year. We seem to be landscaping further into December than we ever have,” said Bertsch.

It’s expensive to run one of these businesses, from repairs and maintenance to hiring workers. Costs are rising, so when the snow dwindles, so does the profit.

“The last couple of years obviously with everything across the board costs just keep going up,” remarked Bertsch.,

Despite this setback, Bertsch says they’re ready and waiting for snow.

“We’re still landscaping we’re still putting patios in we’re still putting in retaining walls and believe it or not we can still put plants in the ground as long as we can put shovels in the ground. We’re keeping them as busy as we can.”