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Looking for a pet? Senior pets are looking for you!

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) - November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. A senior pet is any pet older than seven, and staff at the Capital Area Humane Society said they have a lot of life to give.

Shelter president Julia Willson advises people thinking about adopting an older pet, should also think about the care that pet might need. Older animals sometimes need to go to the vet more often, so people should consider that expense.

Potential adopters should also ask what kind of lifestyle the pet is used to. If they haven't been around kids or other pets before, they might not adjust as quickly if you have them in your home. 

Willson says senior pets have many benefits, including their laid-back personalities.

"They tend to be more relaxed," she said. "They tend to be in that phase of life where they aren't jumping around and being as crazy so for a lot of folks that want a lap pet or a pet that's going to be calmer, they make a great fit." 

Senior pets also come with an adoption discount at CAHS. Older dogs are $125 while older cats are $25.

Staff at the shelter said it's always rewarding to see a senior pet go home with a new family.

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