This story has been updated to include a correction made by the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter.

MASON, Mich. (WLNS) — A dog allegedly abused by its owner survived and is doing well after Ingham County Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control officials said someone slashed his throat.

The staff at the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter said this recent case is just one of many they’ve seen during the last six months. They’re continuing to work tirelessly to bring offenders to justice.

Staff members at the facility gave the furry guy a new name: Dusty.

“He’s full of energy, he’s your typical Lab, he loves everybody,” Community Outreach Manager at Ingham County Animal Control Hannah Page said.

The older and energetic Labrador Retriever is now in the care of the staff members, who say he was being mistreated.

“We were actually called by the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office to come out and assist with a situation where the owner had tried to cut the dog’s throat,” Page said.

Dusty was later brought to the shelter by a concerned citizen who found him wandering the street.

His wounds required surgical treatment, and animal control was able to link Dusty to the open animal cruelty complain via a microchip.

This is just one of the many cases the staff has seen in recent months.

“This year specifically, we have been seeing an increase in violent crimes with animals and we’re not sure why,” Page said.

She said seized dogs make up a good handful of those housed at the shelter.

“Our officers, they definitely bring in a lot of animals that have been seized, so it is a large percentage of our dogs that are seized by animal control,” she said.

Officials said this is not the way to go if you are thinking about getting rid of your animal.

“There’s always options out there,” Page added. “You’re more than welcome to surrender your dog here to Ingham County Animal Control or a rescue, you can try re-homing.”

The shelter is encouraging anyone, whether you are a dog or cat person, to look out for your four-legged friends.

“Keep an eye out, it is very important. We always say trust your gut. If you see something, say something. What you might see may actually lead to something else going on, so definitely trust your gut,” Page said.