MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLNS) — Pickles, preserves & sauces, oh my! 

The Meridian Township Farmers Market has decided to go inside for the cold Michigan months, and will make their second debut at the Meridian Mall Saturday from 12-2 p.m.

Tom Cary, Meridian Township Farmers Market manager, said that since re-opening from the worst of the COVID-19 lockdown, they weren’t getting as much traffic.

With the indoor shopping concerns lessening, and the frigid weather conditions appearing, people were getting their food (and heat) at other grocery stores in the area. So, they reached out to the mall, which let them continue operations inside. 

They have had one market indoors since March 7, 2020, and Cary said it was really successful and the vendors were happy to be indoors.

”Last time we had 22 vendors and this week we are going to have 34, so it’s growing as far as interest and hopefully it’s good for the community, but it’s certainly more comfortable for the vendors,” Cary said.

According to Cary, they still have a loyal group of customers who support the market. He said that business is increasing since going inside, even if it is not back to pre-COVID numbers.

”I think we still have, very much, a good solid core of customers who love to come to the market, but I think when you’re the only option, it made for a really great couple of seasons and now there’s other options. And life is getting back to somewhat normal,” Cary said. 

Cary said the famer’s market has a lot of variety and more fresh produce than other grocery stores, and people can feel comfortable knowing where the food came from and who grew it. 

According to Cary, the farmer’s market will have apples, mushrooms, cheese and meat available. Also, there will be baked goods, crafts, artisans making wooden bowls, cutting boards, jewelry and soap makers.