LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Hillsdale College recently helped the Florida Department of Education develop a new civics training program that is under fire by some teachers who said the program is politically motivated and creates a narrow view of the past.

A new $106 million civics program in Florida is inviting teachers to take part in a three-day conference, with a $3,000 bonus for teachers who complete the training.

One teacher said this program is getting history wrong.

“They kept saying it over and over again in breakout sessions and keynote speeches that the correct way to look at the founding documents is through the founder’s eyes,” said Justin Vogel, a teacher who attended the civics workshop. “That’s the only way to look at it.”

Vogel spoke with our ABC affiliate in Jacksonville after he found the new civics initiative disturbing.

One issue Vogel had was how slavery was covered.

A note packet obtained by 6 News includes a historical account that some teachers said softens colonial support of the practice.

“Now they shared that map a couple times, and what that map was intended to say is ‘Look, everyone was doing it,’ and was a clear attempt to downplay the American institution of slavery,” said Vogel.

He isn’t the only educator speaking out. Several other teachers have brought their complaints to the Florida Education Association.

“When people who are experts in this field are saying ‘Hey wait a minute, we’re leaving out really important stuff as its related to the history of slavery in this county.’ When we’re hearing there’s an infusion of Christianity specifically into the view of government,” said Andrew Spar, president of the Florida Education Association.

Spar said Hillsdale College officials helped review education standards and create the program.

Officials with the Florida Department of Education declined an interview but did issue a statement saying “Every lesson taught is based on history, not ideology or any form of indoctrination.”

Florida Education Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr. took to Twitter to defend the program saying “partisan indoctrination in the classroom is over.”

Blake Mazurek, a history teacher with the Michigan Education Association and reviewed some of the training material. While Mazurek agrees civics history should be taught, he doesn’t agree with the method.

“We have an obligation to help kids understand that history and context and through that how our nation changed for the good, bad and the ugly,” said Mazurek.

Florida education officials said this program is voluntary and more than 2,000 teachers are expected to take part in it.

6 News reached out to Hillsdale College administrators over the phone, email and even text continually over the course of a week and have yet to hear back from them.