LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Former U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra supports Donald Trump, but doesn’t want the former U.S. president’s endorsement for the Michigan GOP party chair.

Hoekstra is still deciding if he will officially run, but has some advice for Trump.

“I’m a friend of the president, I supported him and was his ambassador for three years,” said Hoekstra. “We know each other well. This will probably be an area where the president is best sitting on the sidelines.”

Trump has a history of making endorsements in Michigan races. Matt DePerno was endorsed for Michigan attorney general by Trump but lost to Democratic incumbent Dana Nessel.

DePerno is running for the GOP party co-chair and could ask Trump for another endorsement.

Additionally, defeated GOP candidate for governor Garrett Soldano teamed up with DePerno to run together as co-party chairs.

Hoekstra said that if Trump makes an endorsement, it will continue to divide the party.

“You have to unite this party and I don’t want a strong division coming out of a convention,” said Hoekstra. “Our divides are decent enough.”

When Hoekstra gets a chance, he will personally ask the president to stay out of the vote next February.

“I suggest to him, he’s got friends on both sides here. It’s probably best for him to stay out of this,” said Hoekstra.

But will Trump take the advice to help the Michigan GOP party, or reject the advice to advance his own political agenda?

Hoekstra hopes Trump agrees with his suggestion.