LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — So far in 2023, around 214 people have died on Michigan roads.

In the last week, 24 people died and 85 others were seriously injured, according to Michigan State Police.

With April being Distracted Driver Awareness month, the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning is starting a campaign called “U Drive. U Text. U Pay.”

This campaign aims to aid Michigan police officers in keeping distracted drivers off the road.

Back in 2021, there were 16,543 motor vehicle crashes involving a distracted driver, and 59 of those crashes resulted in a fatality, according to Michigan Traffic Crash Facts.

Statistics reported that Millennials and Generation X are the most distracted drivers.

Only 6.7% of Michigan drivers are under the age of 21, but that same group accounts for 18.1% of distracted-driving crashes in 2021.

Michigan drivers are encouraged to be aware and mindful while driving during the month of April.

Law enforcement will be hypervigilant in reinforcing laws against texting and any other kind of distracting driving.

If caught texting while driving, the first offense is a $100 fine, and each offense after that costs $200.