LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A notable justice with the Michigan Supreme Court is taking a break from in-person work to focus on his mental health.

Justice Richard H. Bernstein released an official statement regarding his decision Tuesday.

“I have chosen to participate in short-term mental health treatment outside the state of Michigan while working remotely on active cases,” Bernstein said. “I will not be joining the rest of the Court for its Oral Argument special session, scheduled for April 26, 2023, in Cheboygan.”

The justice thanked Michiganders for letting him serve the state, but added that he is grateful for the opportunity to temporarily leave the courtroom.

Justice Bernstein says he will be working remotely on all cases.

“I encourage everyone who struggles to seek the help they need,” Bernstein concluded.

Chief Justice Elizabeth T. Clement released a statement as well, asking that Michiganders support Justice Bernstein’s decision and respect his privacy.

“We look forward to him rejoining the Court in person in the coming weeks,” the chief justice said.