LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Underscoring the deep division in the Michigan Republican Party, the new chairwoman is blasting a handful of major financial donors who are discussing ways to form a shadow party.

When Kristina Karamo and Matt DePerno ran for statewide office, the major donors in the Republican Party reportedly did not open their checkbooks to help them. Now, there is chatter that Betsy DeVos, her husband, and others are discussing forming a shadow party and ignoring the new chair.

Chairwoman Karamo says she will ignore them.

“I’m not going to waste my mental energy on these people,” said Karamo.

Karamo also added she feels these are the same people who ran the party into the ground.

“Three cycles in a row, Republicans have been completely dismantled. These are the same individuals who were in charge. Clearly, they didn’t know what they were doing,” Karamo said.

Her critics contend that under the influence of Donald Trump, who endorsed Karamo and DePerno, the party took a sacking last November.

The new chairwoman pledges to find others to fund the 2024 vote and said she won’t try to appease others. 

“This is appalling. Is this what politics is all about? Keeping four or five people happy at all times to get their money at the expense of the people of this state? I’m a populist. I’m about putting people first,” said Karamo.

Apparently, peace is not at hand in the Michigan Republican Party.