EAST LANSING, Mich. – Michigan State University’s (MSU) Safe Place recently received a $251,254 grant to create more services for MSU students, employees, community members and their families. 

The grant has allowed Safe Place to hire more full-time staff including a counselor and a volunteer coordinator. They were also able to hire an additional advocate.

The grant will be distributed over one year.

Holly Rosen, Director of Safe Place, played an essential part in building the program after former MSU First Lady Joanne McPherson saw the importance of a university-based domestic violence program and support facility in 1994.  

Rosen still believes Safe Place can assist the community in many positive ways, and she believes the grant will help accomplish just that.    

“Before receiving VOCA funding for these positions, our team of three staff members were only able to provide services on a limited basis to those who contacted us,” said Rosen. “With expanded staffing and outreach efforts, we hope to inform more people in need of our free and confidential counseling, advocacy, shelter or other support services.” 

Holly Rosen, Director of Safe Place

Rosen says with new staffing in place, the program can expand its outreach, education, and support services to the campus community.

She says the funds from the grant will also allow Safe Place to reach marginalized communities that typically experience higher abuse rates.

On a yearly basis, the program shelters on average 35 to 50 adults and children.

The shelter supplies counseling and advocacy services to students, staff and faculty who experience relationship violence and stalking.   

“January is stalking awareness month and announcing this grant during this time makes it all the more special to our team,” Rosen said. “Providing support services and safety planning to survivors of relationship violence and stalking in our community is vital to those affected by these issues.” 

Holly Rosen, Director of Safe Place

For almost three decades this program has helped guide victims of relationship violence and stalking. All services are free and confidential and are offered to students, staff, faculty and their partners.

You can find more information about MSU Safe Place by visiting their website: safeplace.msu.edu.

If you or anyone you know needs support, you can contact Safe Place confidentially at noabuse@msu.edu or 517-355-1100.