EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Michigan State University has been awarded nearly $3 million from a National Science Foundation (NSF) program that helps educates the STEM leaders of tomorrow.

The $2.97 million grant will add to the graduate education for students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields by helping with machine learning.

According to MSU, machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence that can help make simulations faster and more powerful.

The grant from NSF will support 50 graduate students over five years. However, MSU’s program will be able to train more than 80 students over nine years with the help of other donations.

“I’m old enough that I’ve seen lots of trends come and go in academia, but machine learning is different,” said Daniel Appel, an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering, or CMSE. “Companies are making money from it. Countries are investing in it. This is where jobs are going to be generated in the future, and it`s important for us to stay competitive.”

MSU is one of 22 institutions to receive the award in 2022.

“This NSF program supports graduate students, educates the STEM leaders of tomorrow and strengthens the national research infrastructure,” the agency said in a release earlier this year.