EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Today, hundreds of Michigan State Spartans crossed the stage to get their diplomas.

But for one mother and daughter, it was an extra special day.

Amy and Morgan Fowler both earned their degrees today.

They say it was challenging with the pandemic, being under one roof taking online classes.

Needless to say, they’re happy they had each other.

“It was just kind of coincidence. In the summer semester, we were just talking and we’re like wow we’re both going to be done in December. And then we didn’t think it was going to be the same day,” said Amy and her daughter Morgan Fowler. 

But as it turned out, the mom and daughter would turn the tassel on the same day.

“When everything got moved online, it was definitely challenging but it was nice having someone else going through it with me,” said Morgan. 

Today Amy Fowler graduated with her Master’s in Strategic Communications and tonight, Morgan Fowler will receive her Bachelor’s in Sustainable Parks and Recreation.

“With Morgan coming home and our son living at home it was a real technology challenge just because we were all kind of fighting for the internet so that was kind of a challenge but we had great experiences as well,” said Amy.

Despite studying two different majors they relied on each other.

“To be honest it was just nice knowing that I can ask her questions or just help her whenever she needed help with something technical or bounce ideas off of projects. So it was actually really nice just having that person to talk to,” said Morgan. 

“There were many conversations around the dinner table about what we were all studying, what projects we were doing. So it was really a fun time,” said Amy.

You may be wondering, what was their biggest takeaway from this experience?

“Perseverance pays off. I mean it was a real struggle for me because obviously, you haven’t been to school in a while. So it was really a challenge. The support of my family and friends was just amazing. I couldn’t have actually done it without them,” said Amy. 

“Just asking for help is probably the biggest lesson that I’ve learned and don’t be afraid to ask,” said Morgan.