EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Michigan State University Police held another press briefing about the deadly shooting on campus Monday.

Three people were killed and five others were injured on a horrific night at Michigan State.

Since then, we have learned the names of the victims who were killed and the suspect, who is 43-year-old Anthony McRae.

The major news came at the very end of the press conference from MSU Board of Trustees member Rema Vassar. She reported at the very end of the press conference that one of the students at Sparrow Hospital has been moved from critical to stable condition. The other four students remain in critical condition.

The press conference started off with MSU Interim President Teresa K. Woodruff, who thanked everyone for helping get out the photo of the alleged shooter.

She also said hundreds of students have taken advantage of the counseling services the university has offered.

Berkey Hall will remain closed for the rest of the semester, Woodruff said, while the university is evaluating what to do with the MSU Union.

Next to speak was Marlon Lynch, the Vice President for Public Safety and Chief of Police at MSU.

Lynch said there were 19 different police departments who assisted and six fire departments, in addition to off-duty officers who showed up.

MSU Interim Deputy Chief Chris Rozman said the vigil at the MSU Rock was unbelievable and thanked the Michigan State Police who assisted so that MSU Police officers could attend the vigil.

Rozman said they’ve received numerous requests on the age of the victims who were killed. He said Arielle Anderson was 19, Brian Fraser was 20, and Alexandria Verner was also 20.

When the shooter was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, he had two 9 millimeter handguns on him and had additional magazines. Rozman said the guns were purchased legally, however they were not registered.

A note was found on the shooter, and he was found roughly 3.8 miles northwest of the campus. The suspect also had bus tickets on him.

Rene Gonzalez with the Michigan State Police spoke next and said that a cell phone was collected as well as a notepad from the suspects’ home. There are no other suspects at this time, MSP said.

Lansing Police Chief Ellery Sosebee said he wanted to clarify some rumors that had been going around.

LPD has not responded to any welfare checks for Anthony McRae. They were also not called to the home for any shots-fired reports. They were, however, called to the home, but it was not related to the suspect.

McRae had contact with Lansing Police on multiple occasions. In 2005 for a larceny investigation, three separate times for traffic violations, and in 2019 for carrying a concealed weapon.

When asked about the delay in getting the image out, Rozman said it is a very complex system with thousands of cameras. In addition, they didn’t know the route that the shooter had taken so that led to a delay.

Sosebee said he will leave the decision of whether to release the body camera footage up to MSP and MSUPD, since they are handling the investigation.

Sosebee also answered questions about the 2019 plea deal that McRae was given, allowing him to purchase weapons since it wasn’t a felony. He said it was a decision made by the previous Ingham County prosecutor who is no longer in office. He added that he hopes the law will be enforced how it’s written.

This was the first official press conference from MSUPD since Tuesday morning, however, Lynch spoke briefly with media outside the MSU Union when students went inside to grab stuff they had left behind.

We learned from that meeting that without upgrades MSU had made to it’s security infrastructure, they may have not been able to get a photo out of the suspect so quickly and this could be an ongoing manhunt.

“We did install and upgrade security systems to include cameras on campus, as you saw, the picture that was released, was taken from video footage that was in the union, that is part of our system,” continued Lynch.

You can watch the entire thing right at the top of this page.