EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Campus police made four new proposals that are intended to improve and amplify security at Michigan State University.

It’s been more than two weeks since the MSU deadly shooting that killed three and injured five.

MSU has about 2,000 security cameras on campus, but police officials confirmed none of them are located in Berkey Hall, where two of the three students were killed.

MSU police chief Marlon Lynch said the plan since fall 2022 has been to put cameras in all buildings. It’s now a plan on the fast track.

Chief Lynch can’t really say why the plan to put cameras inside of all buildings was never finished.

“I arrived in April of 2021, that was something that was already put in place. The initiative that we began this past fall was to begin putting them in all buildings. Not just certain types of buildings and different things like that,” said Lynch.

Lynch added that building accessibility will be much different starting March 13.

“We will restrict building access from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. And then on Saturday and Sunday, the restriction will be in place 24 hours,” said Lynch.

The second proposal addresses safety inside 1,300 classrooms on campus by adding devices that will allow instructors to easily secure their rooms.

“And they still have the ability to still let first responders enter the room even if the room is secured from the inside,” continued Lynch.

MSU will continue to add cameras across campus that will be monitored daily. It’s part of the university’s project to centralize the oversight of all security systems.

“Due to circumstances, and going at a more aggressive pace in regards to how many we do per year. So we’re going to do as much as we can,” said Lynch.

Students, faculty, and staff will now be required to complete active violence intruder training starting this fall.

Chief Lynch says even though these changes may take some getting used to, the response has been positive.

“But we would ask that we work through it together, and where we can make adjustments, then we can consider that and just have the open communication regarding what that is,” Lynch said.

Lynch says supply chain and labor will be taken into account when it comes to how quickly these proposals will be put in place.

There is no specific time on when the new cameras and door locks will be installed.