EAST LANSING, MICH. (WLNS) — We’re hearing from a sister survivor and from the mother whose daughter was sexually abused by former MSU doctor Larry Nassar.

They’re speaking out after our interview with MSU President Samuel Stanley that aired Thursday night on 6 news at 6. They have some criticism about the university’s communication with survivors.

Sister Survivor Louise Harder said, “I guess we were kind of hopeful that there would be some change and some help and it’s been a ton of frustration for so many.”

Harder is just one of the sister survivors wanting to meet with MSU President Samuel Stanley Jr. as well as parents of survivors like Valerie Von Frank. Frank believes changes that have been made were designed to protect the university.

“They need to address the cultural issues that caused this problem instead of treating it as one bad apple,” Frank said.

Stanley mentioned to us that he appointed two advisers.

“How do we make sure we follow up on recommendations that’ll come from agencies and things we need to do, making sure they’re at the table I think is important,” said Stanley.

The advisors will help him address relationship violence and sexual misconduct on campus.

“Parents and survivors have a lot of respect for their work,” added Frank said.

Frank added that there’s still work that needs to be done to prevent another Larry Nassar.

“They still seem to be all about image and until the culture changes students who are currently on campus and people who are reached through the health clinics are not protected,” Frank said.

“I’m wondering why they’re waiting for the Nassar survivors,” said Harder. “A good majority of us are not students on campus.”

for other survivors of sexual assault, Harder said. “Fight because we believe you and support you and we stand with you and just keep pushing back whether MSU decides to acknowledge you or not.”

In the story Thursday, President Samuel Stanley Jr. spoke to us about two topics including the school’s relationship violence and sexual misconduct policy and the return of the healing fund for survivors.

It was announced the fund is coming back in September after being shut down last year due to fraud and he hopes to speak with and meet survivors in September.

“I think that’s an important step forward and I think again we’ll work to make sure that it’s administered appropriately so there’ll be a new administer for it so I’m excited about that,” Stanley said on Thursday. “Ultimately I want to see things that again are going to help survivors.”

In response to President Stanley, the ‘Parents of Sister Survivors Engage’ group said they hope Michigan State will do what it has not yet done, honor its promises. Those include the new president’s statement that one of his first acts would be to meet with the Nassar survivors and families.

POSSE said, “Our children will continue to deal with what happened throughout their lives. Hundreds of families have been forever changed. MSU’s changes have been designed to protect the university rather than prevent another Larry Nassar.”