MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLNS) — Due to a variety of factors, all registered voters in Meridian Township will be getting a new voter identification card.

With an 11% growth in the township, the state has been assigned an additional state representative and two more county commissioners by the County Reapportionment Commission.

Additionally, the growth has resulted in precinct splits within Meridian Township.

To lessen voter confusion and eliminate split precincts, the Meridian Township Election Commission approved new precinct boundary lines in April.

According to Meridian Township, as soon as the State of Michigan Bureau of Elections (BOE) has completed all changes in the Qualified Voter File (QVF) and the Township Clerk’s Office has verified all changes, the new cards will be mailed to all registered voters.

Some may receive a voter ID card for someone who used to reside at their residence.

The main reason this happens is that voters have moved and did not change their address on their driver’s license or they have relocated out of state and did not inform the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office or the Meridian Township Clerk’s Office. 

To check your voter registration status, absentee voter information and more, click here.

For specific local election questions, contact the Meridian Township Clerk Deborah Guthrie at or call (517) 853-4300.