Newborn Cotton-top tamarins at the Potter Park Zoo

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Yuri and LG are the proud parents of two healthy babies.

The critically endangered Cotton-top tamarin gave birth to triplets at the Potter Park Zoo late last month, but unfortunately one passed away.

While the tamarin is known to occasionally give birth to triplets, it is rare that mom and dad can take care of all three because they carry the babies on their back for the first few weeks of life.

The two babies seem healthy, actively nursing and beginning to observe their environment.

At this stage Yuri has begun to take over more baby carrying duties and an older sister was observed carrying one for a brief period of time.

The two older sisters were born late last year and have been very interested in what their parents are doing with the newborns.

Cotton-top tamarin juveniles learn to raise young by observing their parents.

The two older siblings have a great opportunity to experience maternal care from mom.

The two newborns are on exhibit with mom and dad as well as the two older sisters in the bird and reptile house.

Visitors are asked to help keep the young family calm and comfortable by keeping their voices down while visiting and staying behind all barriers.

There are only about 6,000 critically endangered Cotton-top tamarins left in the wild due to destruction of their forest habitat in Colombia.

Potter Park Zoo’s Cotton-top tamarins offer visitors the opportunity to learn about and connect with the species.

Currently, there are 200 cotton-top tamarins in 60 accredited Association of Zoos and Aquariums across the United States.

Potter Park Zoo was recommended to breed cotton-top tamarins by the AZA Species Survival Plan.

The goal of the Species Survival Plan is to ensure a healthy and genetically diverse zoo population to keep the species stable.

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