There won’t be a fireworks show to usher in the unofficial start of the holiday season in Lansing this year – which means you won’t see a sight like this:

But there will still be a light show following the parade after Silver Bells in the City. The event draws tens of thousands of people to downtown Lansing every year. This year’s event is set for November 19th.

Silver Bells organizers say that instead of fireworks, they’ll launch a drone show.

Drone shows are much quieter and more environmentally friendly than their louder, smokier counterparts. And because they’re remote controlled, the drones can make different shapes, sizes, colors, and even spell out words.

Organizers say the show will be choreographed to music.

Silver Bells has contracted with Firefly Drones to do the show. You can watch samples of their work below:

It’s also a return for Silver Bells, which was cancelled in 2020 because of the pandemic.

Organizers have put together a map for the best sites to watch the drone show. You can find that map here and you can find out more about Silver Bells here.