LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — In the 150 years since ALS was discovered there is still no cure or single test to diagnose the disease.

The demand for more answers is what drove one woman to start up her own non-profit.
EverythingALS began its research in 2021 and now they’re working toward diagnosing the disease faster.

“I really want to help people who are going through this disease,” said Indu Navar, Founder of EverythingALS.

The study analyzes data when it comes to physiological changes and the progression of the disease.

Navar says she wants to shift the focus to the brain, something she believes isn’t understood well enough.

“Today we have no idea how our brain is doing,” Navar said. “We know that for diabetes you go and do blood tests and for the heart you do cholesterol, but brain we have no idea how our brain is doing.”

Her own husband faced the disease a few years back and Navar remembers not being satisfied with how neurologists handled his case.

“All we heard was, come back in eight months and we will see how bad you are going to be,” Navar said.

Her husband passed away from the disease shortly after in August of 2019.

“Which was devastating and knowing so much about this disease that I was able to see it,” Navar said.

It was in her husband’s honor that inspired her research.

“I want his story to live and his life legacy to live and to touch other people,” Navar said.

EverythingALS is working with companies to study data involving three elements including sensors in shoes, breathing spirometers, and speech through oral analytics.

“Now we are combining all of the three and seeing if someone’s gate is changing like when they move, how is their breathing doing, if their breathing is changing how is their speech,” Navar said.

According to Navar, knowing the algorithm will be a breakthrough in this study.

However, new research has been uncovered by Michigan Medicine. It found that ALS participants reported higher occupational exposure to metals, particulate matter, and combustion pollutants prior to diagnosis.

“There is a very very strong reason neurological diseases are caused by environmental factors,” Navar said.

While these new discoveries have been made, EverythingALS is continuing its research with the hope of soon being able to provide the community with more answers about the disease.