LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Moms in the Lansing area are seeing more and more empty baby formula shelved.

Many momma bears are having to get creative when it comes to finding baby formula, but some are asking how they are supposed to feed their babies?

Phylicia Powers is a mother to a four-week-old baby girl.

“We’ve got 11 more months of trying to figure out if we’re gonna be able to get formula if she’s not successful as breastfeeding because there is also no guarantee with that,” said Powers.

According to the Data Assembly, baby formula out of stock rates for January 2022 was at 23%, shooting up to 31% in April.

That pales in comparison to 2021’s numbers, which were between two and eight percent.

Luckily, some places are giving out free formula to moms.

“It is just crazy how fast these are going off our shelves. and we don’t turn anyone away,” said Mike Karl, an employee at the fretail store in the Lansing Mall. “If we have a can that you need, we’re going to help you out.”

Local Facebook groups are even connecting mothers to women who are giving away their breast milk- free of charge.

With a plethora of options out there, pediatricians are warning mothers to be careful.

“Parents who are passing along homemade formula recipes online to try to solve the problem,” said MSU Pediatrics Professor Dr. Jonathan Gold. “Again, something you don’t want to do.”

With all of the resources, Powers is still very concerned.

“This is the same stuff I was brought up on, my husband was brought up on, my own mother was brought up on 50 years ago and now all of a sudden we can’t get it,” said Powers.

research shows that the shortage won’t get better overnight.

Doctors ask that able mothers breastfeed their babies, and consider donating to moms who need it.