LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A recent fight at Holt High School put one 15-year-old in the hospital and a video of the altercation has circulated the internet several times.

While the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office is busy investigating the situation, the community wants to know what else is being done.

The video shows a 15-year-old student that was slammed to the ground by another student.

According to a GoFundMe page posted by the family’s friends, the teen suffered brain trauma and needed surgery for a fractured skull.

Parents of Holt High School students are calling the situation unacceptable.

“I’m hoping they expel the other child and that the parents get him into much more trouble.,” said parent Tomasha Abbott. “Because that’s a really serious thing to do I understand their kids but they’re old enough to know better.”

This isn’t the high school’s first time handling a serious fight.

Just a few months ago, lunch staff and students were recorded hitting each other.

Superintendent David G. Hornak said in a statement that “safety and security of the students is our number one concern”.

Hornak added that the situation is being investigated by the district.

“You see something like that, and you think my god, if he doesn’t defend himself, he’s gonna be in the hospital next. So, it puts us as parents in a really hard situation because we don’t know if we should tell them to fight back or what at this point,” said parent Holly Benson.

A family member of the injured teen said he was recently discharged from the hospital.

Other parents want to work with the administration to make some changes in the district.