MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLNS) — Parents are gathering at 2|42 Church in Okemos to pick up their kids after class was cancelled for the day because of ‘swatting’ threats.

A report of an active shooter at Okemos High School was made at 9:05 a.m. and an intense police response followed.

Thankfully, the whole situation was a hoax, with many other schools around the state also receiving the false reports.

Now, the parking lot at 2|42 Church is full and there’s actually an overflow parking lot just next door to accommodate all the cars.

Parents say they’ve been in contact with their kids and all around the church parents can been seen on their phones trying to reach their loved ones.

Students are being bussed in and are being required to be signed out from their parents.

Officials with Okemos Public Schools say that students who drove to school will be released to their cars and all Okemos schools are being dismissed.

One parent said this is something no parent ever wants to hear.

“I was told by my co-worker that I had to leave and pick up my child because there was a threat at the school, likely a hoax but I needed to leave now,” said Emma Chambers, a parent of an Okemos High School student. “Sprinted out of my office, came to the church and my daughter has been texting me that they’re taking attendance and alphabetizing them to evacuate them to the church.”

As for the line to get in, it is extremely backed up on Bennet Road with a line of parents waiting to get to their kids.