With the school year right around the corner, parents had the chance to get their kids all their back to school needs at the Lansing Center.

The ‘Pat Babcock Connect 4 Kids’ event helps level the playing field.
Giving all kids in the community the best chance to succeed.

“Families really struggle to get kids back to school and we believe we have all the necessary things they need. To help make them feel good about themselves.” said Joan Jackson Johnson, Director of HRCS.

The event offered free services and free stuff.

“If the parents could not do it, as far as book bags, school supplies, uniforms and stuff like that. This program is really helping the community and helping the parents to let us know that we are not in this alone.” said Kashawn McCoy, Parent at the event.

From haircuts to dental check-ups and even back-to-school shots.

Everything is there a kid needs to be set up for a good school year.

“It’s a lot of resources, so a lot of people don’t know how to get these resources or where to get these resources. So this is good they did this, everything is here” said Raynique Coleman, Parent at the event.

This also helps kids get excited to get back into the classroom.

“I am so happy, because I get to see my new teacher. Plus my new classroom, my new desk and my new year.” said Kaylee Lownsberry, Going into 6th grade.

The Director of the event says it is all about giving back to your community.

“It really warms my heart knowing that we are making a difference.” Johnson added.