EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — This weekend, kids are able to get curious during fun activities with the Curious Crew, meet Alma from PBS kids, and explore science with Dr. Rob. 

On Saturday from 10 a.m to 1 p.m WKAR Studios on the Michigan State Campus is hosting it’s 5th annual PBS Kids Day.

WKAR Studio started setting up their space for the event. 

Julie Sochay, Senior Director Content and Communication WKAR, said that PBS Kids Day will be full of meet and greets, activity tables, and performances.

She said it will be fast paced and between all the activities available for kids, it will be sure to grab their attention. 

“There will be a lot to do, there will be a lot of games, interactions, investigations and fun stuff, they won’t even know they are learning. It will be a great day and it’s fun for families to enjoy the resources we have in the community and really to just be together,” Sochay said. 

According to Sochay, there will also be signage throughout the event, photo opportunities and giveaways. She mentioned a ‘prize wheel’ where kids can spin and take prizes home, allowing the joy of the event to last beyond Saturday. 

This weekend, Sochay said that her team will be finishing up the three studio spaces at WKAR, to make them event ready, and will also be staging an outside studio space for “Alma.’

They will have areas for community partners such as Abrams Planetarium and Capital Area District Libraries, as many of them will be bringing their own resources and activities.

This year WKAR is also celebrating their Century Of Service Year, which is a way to honor the 100 years of serving the community. In addition to this and Saturday’s event, this is also the first event held in person since 2020, and will make this Saturday that much more exciting.

”I really hope the kids see the excitement and the fun. We want them to feel welcome and understand and see how amazing some of the resources are available to them. PBS kids content is quality. It’s educational, but fun,” Sochay said. 

Sochay wants the kids more than anything to have fun and to share this experience with their family and together, be engaged with the educational opportunities and activities that PBS and WKAR have to offer.  

To register for the event, you can visit the link below.