LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A photographer’s story about how he was attacked by a security guard during a metal show last Friday night at a Lansing Township venue, The Junction, has been making the rounds on social media.

The photographer says the security guard’s attack landed him in the hospital, the manager says the situation is being blown out of proportion.

Here’s how it unfolded.

Dustin Noell photographs the Lansing music scene. Last Friday night was just another night on the job, until he was grabbed by a security guard.

Much of the incident was captured on camera. Noell said the footage shows him being carried out by his neck.

“Why did he pick me, I don’t understand. I was the smallest guy in that whole section,” Noell said. “I had been standing there all night. Next thing I know, he grabbed my neck and threw me to the floor.”

Noell said he was confused as to why he was picked out from the crowd.

“I would understand if I was unruly, or doing something wrong, I mean I was literally just standing there,” Noell said. “So I was upset, you know. I couldn’t figure out what I did wrong.”

He was later taken to the hospital.

Many witnesses of the incident took to the web to leave one-star reviews of The Junction, slamming the venue for the security guard’s actions.

Eric Britz says he saw everything, and he believes the venue’s lack of experience with hosting metal shows is likely why the incident unfolded.

“[Noell] was being carried out by his neck upside down. From what I gathered, he got too close to the security guard with his phone. Nobody should be assaulted at a show, I was shocked,” Britz said.

The Junction’s manager Tyler Mainville said he doesn’t know all the details yet but says the security guard followed appropriate measures, but Mainville couldn’t say what Noell did wrong.

“In a room full of people that are moshing, you know that particular guard was involved in trying to deal with an injured person immediately previous to that,” Mainville said. “The expectations of safety were a lot higher and you know, sometimes bad things happen.”

Mainville said The Junction is figuring out a policy for its security guards to avoid altercations like this from ever happening again. The guard involved in the incident is on leave as the venue investigates.

The club says it plans to file a defamation lawsuit for all those bad reviews, and Noell plans to file his own lawsuit for his injuries.

But Noell hopes one thing comes from the pain he experienced.

“The reason I want this story out is because I want to make sure that people feel safe when they go to shows,” Noell said.