LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The research arm of Everytown for Gun Safety claims that over an 11-year period of time in this country, over 1,300 people were killed and 947 were injured in mass shootings, with an average of 20 mass shootings a year.

Many of these shootings were with handguns, but the weapon of choice in most of these mass murders were assault weapons.

The latest statewide poll from the Detroit Chamber of Commerce reveals that a majority of citizens want a ban on assault weapons.

There is a dramatic political split on that proposed ban.

For example, 83% of strong Democrats are voting yes on the ban, but 67% of strong Republicans don’t want it.

73% of non-gun owners say yes, but 44% of gun owners no. 

Detroit Democrat and House Speaker Joe Tate reported he is open to discussing the ban, which of course is not the same as saying he will vote for it.

Last year, Oakland County Senator Rosemary Bayer talked about limiting gun magazines to about 10 rounds. Of poll respondents, 60% favor limiting capacity.

80% of strong Democrats favor it. Only 38% of strong Republicans favor it.

Meanwhile, 77% of non-gun owners support this idea, while 48% of gun owners would be in favor of limiting capacity.

So far, neither of these proposals has been introduced in the House or Senate, but the gun safety lobby is likely to push for those.

At the same time, the NRA will be pushing back to make sure they don’t pass.