LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — While Governor Gretchen Whitmer and legislative Democrats are happy to have repealed the state’s right-to-work law, new polling data suggests that Democrats are in the minority.

Around 10 years ago, Republicans who then controlled Michigan’s Legislature passed a right-to-work bill, which was signed into law by former Governor Rick Snyder.

It took a decade, but the new Democratically controlled Legislature repealed the law, which was then signed by Gov. Whitmer.

While one side of the aisle is celebrating the repeal, segments of the business community are not overjoyed, and some are talking about launching a statewide petition drive to let the voters undo what the Democrats just did.

But by a 56%-27% margin, the latest poll from the Market Resource Group in Lansing showed that a majority of voters think Democrats got it wrong and voters would vote to restore the law.

In terms of areas of Michigan, the poll said that 49% of participants living in the Lansing area would restore the right-to-work law, while 29% of voters would not. About 20% of Lansing voters were undecided about their feelings on the right-to-work law.

In Detroit, 58% of poll participants said they would vote to reinstate the right-to-work law, 27% said they would vote not to repeal the law and 15% of voters were undecided.

Both men and women agree, the right-to-work should be restored, according to the poll. In fact, the only two voting groups that agree with Labor are Asian-Americans and Muslims, and even they are at 50%.

Organized Labor may be upset that one question was left off the survey: “Do you think it is fair that non-union members in a union shop get the benefits of a negotiated contract when they do not pay union dues?”

So far, that question has not been asked.