LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)- On Tuesday, advocates called for people to be a “tattle tail” all in support of our four-legged friends.

Dozens of supporters gathered at the capitol and marched around the block to help stop animal abuse and neglect.

“We hear them and they say loud and clear to everybody, you’re not going to be a pet abuser any more,” Director of Fundraising for ‘Protect MI Pet’ Betsy Felton said. “Enough is enough.”

After witnessing countless cases of animal torture, Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson said he had to do something. If voters or legislators were to approve, the motive would have two main ways of lending a helping hand.

Or paw.

“Create the registry, so accountability is provided for those that are around the state and also close that civil process loophole to get those animals re-homed in good homes. They don’t deserve to be in cages and kennels while this case is being adjudicated,” Swanson said.

He added this is only the first step in creating meaningful change.

“This isn’t just my own personal experiences of 30 years being in law enforcement, seeing the constant continuation of animal abuse in the worse cases. They don’t deserve to have another animal after they do that. But it’s to help all the rescues and the outreaches,” the Sheriff said.

Event organizers said the initiative would extend further, more than just to our pets.

“There are no sides to this,” Felton said. “This is all about unity. We want to protect our animals and we want to protect the humans that these animal abusers are going back and abusing women, children, vulnerable adults.”

They said all they need is more support to get it across the finish line.

“To take something on the ballot statewide, it’s a heavy lift. But it takes volunteers, like everybody here, to do it. And they’re already doing the good work,” Swanson said.