LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — While explosions and colors are exciting for some, experts say that fireworks can cause panic for pets and wildlife creatures.

“It makes me really sad,” said Louise Sagaert, director of Wildside Rehabilitation and Education Center.

Sagaert said that fireworks can be disastrous for animals.

“We see injuries from fireworks. So people find the, the baby squirrels that fall out of the nest,” continued Sagaert.

According to Sagaert, when animals hear fireworks, they panic, and sometimes run away and become lost.

Officials said some animal shelters throughout the country are overcrowded, and according to 24 Pet Shelterwatch, July is usually the highest month for intakes.

Shelters are expecting more animals this weekend.

So what can be done to keep pets and wild animals safe?

The Bissel Pet Foundation said to keep your pets indoors check on them and make sure that they are microchipped and have on an ID tag.

For wild animals Sagaert says try celebrating without using fireworks.

“They are, they’re just so dangerous. And you know, I know there’s professionals, but you know that noise and all of the, that,” continued Sagaert. “Leftover stuff that ends up in the water and on the ground, you know, animals are picking up.”

Sagaert suggests that people use glow sticks, maybe get a piñata, have a parade or just spend time with loved ones.

“This is the time just for celebrating our country and our independence. And just the fact that now we can be together again,” said Sagaert. “Hopefully people will start to learn, you know, other safer ways to, to celebrate than. Then ways that could harm our wildlife.”

Before the firework shows, it is recommended pet owners take new pictures of their animals, just in case they get lost.

If you happen to find a hurt wild animal, you can contact the Wildside Rehabilitation and Education Center.