JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — The words “Purpose + Potential = Empowerment” are written on the walls inside of Isaiah’s Hub, the newly renovated youth center in Jackson.

For founder Jay Willis, these words are the foundation he hopes inspires every kid who walks through these doors.

“If you can see their potential and you give them a purpose you make them feel like they have a purpose that’s going to empower them and that changes our future for tomorrow,” said Willis.

At Isaiah’s Hub, kids are given the tools to be successful at no cost.

This includes everything from educational programs, mentorship and skill-building activities, to also being a place they can grow as people.

“It’s being able to come inside of this place and see you are making a difference in their lives,” said Willis.

Jay’s mission of giving back to young people is something he got a front-row seat to as a kid, as his dad John mentored kids as director of the MLK Center for more than two decades.

Now as Jay follows his father’s footsteps, John says he’s one proud father.

“I see him feel it in his heart, and that is really special because I know it means something to him to help young people start to develop paths and ways and make choices,” said John Willis. “So it’s huge as a dad man that makes you very very proud.”

Jay is excited about what this place is doing for the community, but he also says right now, the need for people to support kids and teenagers is growing.

“I think that starts inside, it starts with hope that starts with faith and so we very much so want to make sure that we implement that into our students,” said Willis. “We want to make sure we implement that hey you can have faith, you can have hope and you can have love and I think that changes society.”

Isaiah’s Hub is open Monday – Thursday from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.