Rep. Elissa Slotkin gets a look at border conditions

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Representative Elissa Slotikin is in McAallen, TX to get a first hand look at border conditions. 6 news is the only news outlet to talk to the congresswoman while she’s in Texas.

Slotkin is on this trip with democrats as well as republicans and she hopes they can come together by the end of this trip to create a positive change.

“I want signs that we are getting into compliance with our standards and our laws,” Slotkin said.

This is the major reason representative Slotkin said she’s on this trip.

“That is just a bare minimum and that’s to me the primary thing,” Slotkin said. “People are suffering and I don’t think any American feels good about the pictures that they see everyday on T.V.”

Along with visiting three customs and border protection locations, she’s talking to the people in detention as well as some families with small children and with border patrol.

“They can’t stop us from asking questions, they can’t stop us from speaking with people down there, they can’t stop us from engaging with the officers and asking tough questions,” Slotkin said.

She said she is concerned about what’s happening and said, “That’s why it was important to build a trip that wasn’t just customs and border and border patrol that actually talks to catholic charities and non-profit organization who’s been dealing with just massive overflow coming into their locations.”

The group will come back together by the end of the day.

“We have scheduled three hours to sit and actually work on legislation, bipartisan legislation,” Slotkin said. “You can’t, ya know, check and balance on a system when congress hasn’t done its responsibility with putting forth legislation.”

“It’s an absolutely fair question to say congress hasn’t done anything,” Slotkin added. “They’ve tried, they’ve failed, but the job is to keep trying and I think this is the best shot we have.”

For the people who choose to use immigration in favor of their political campaign and gains, Slotkin said, “These are children and women and families, there are people who are running from something, many of them are seeking asylum.”

She also said many of these people are seeing economic opportunities.

“I think using immigrants as political pawns, especially given the conditions, pretty loathsome at this point,” said Slotkin. “I’ve about zero time for that.”

6 News is hoping to talk with Slotkin again Friday night after this trip. We’ll be sure to share what the outcome was with you on 6 news at 11 and on

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