JACKSON COUNTY, Mich. (WLNS) — United States Congressman Tim Walberg’s campaign office in Jackson was vandalized on Tuesday night, according to his campaign.

Multiple windows were broken, the front door was smashed, and a message that indicated the alleged vandals were part of the pro-abortion group ‘Jane’s Revenge’ was sprayed on the building, the campaign said.

Walberg shares the building with Jackson Right to Life.

“I never shy away from my record as a strong conservative and defender of life,” Walberg said. “This strong record puts me in the crosshairs from those on the radical left but I will never stand down or compromise my convictions and knowing the people at Jackson Right to Life, this will only strengthen their determination to protect the unborn.”

Pictures sent from the campaign show broken glass inside the building, the smashed front window, and a law enforcement officer taking a picture of the damage.

The photos can be viewed below: