RIVES TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLNS) — After several heated meetings, Rives Township leaders said the current clerk will say on the board, for now.

The announcement came after a meeting was held last week attempting to find a new clerk. The meeting ended with a stalemate vote on each applicant.

Earlier in April, clerk Judi McCord tried to resign immediately during a regular meeting but was told she needed to submit her request in writing.

McCord’s original resignation date was scheduled for the end of April. She called on the board to elect a new clerk, but the board voted to have McCord return to her position.

According to MLive, McCord has agreed to stay in her position for the May 2 election.

After McCord’s departure, Rives Township has 45 days to appoint a clerk. The next clerk selected would serve until the November 2024 election.