Rotunda Trailer Park in bad living conditions; residents worried about health and safety

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People living at Rotunda Trailer Homes are fed up and looking for answers.

For some they have the option to leave, but unfortunately that is not the case for others.

Including one family that is worried about health and safety.

“That’s the worst part of the day waking up.. honestly.. waking up and seeing my son scratch his legs” Said Derick Chamberlin, Resident for 1 year.

Derick Chamberlin has lived in Rotunda for about a year now and says conditions are not getting any better.

At least every 2 months Derick has to ‘bomb’ his home, because of roaches, flees and bed bugs.

“I still have flies flying around the house. I got fleas jumping through the carpet. I got all my clothes in bags.” Chamberlin added.

But that is not the worse of it.

“It was 10-12 days before they came and fixed our toilet. I had to take the kids to McDonald’s to go to the bathroom.” said Chamberlin

When he asked the landlord to fix it, they never came.

“They say there is a list, but I don’t really know if that exists. I think it’s if they get to it and if they dont you have to keep reminding them until they get here.” said Chamberlin

So we went to the manager to get some answers.

She wouldn’t talk on camera, but said that no one complains about conditions at the park.

Derick says that is simply not true, but he can’t afford to move out.

“That means first and last months rent for me. It means a couple hundred dollars, to some people that is not a big deal..but when you have three kids its a big deal,” Said Chamberlin.

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