Safety preparations for Lansing pride festival

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Along with spreading the message of acceptance for all, safety is a top priority at Mid-Michigan’s pride festival.

Old town will be full of rainbows for pride fest this weekend. Those who plan the event each year have been communicating with Lansing police. After a neo-nazi group showed up at the pride festival in Detroit last weekend.

“Being able to walk hand and hand with my wife, I have to drop it sometimes and that’s just the hard reality of knowing what kind of political climate we’re working with.”

Leigha faith is the co-chair of “Michigan pride’. Which is the group hosting the pride festival in old town on Saturday

“It’s just kind of a different breed of people,” said Susan Dyer. “They’re opening, accepting, loving and I think you can feel that down here.”

Dyer works at the Old Town General Store and said that people need to open up their hearts and minds.

“Just a little tiny bit,” Dyer said. “Just try to understand that people are different but it doesn’t make them any better or worse than you.”

“In 2019 you’d think it would be a little bit more accepting, but it’s not and that’s okay,” Faith said. “That’s why we’re trying to change hearts and change minds and understand that you can have your beliefs.”

At the pride festival in Detroit last weekend a neo-nazi group showed up carrying guns. The Detroit police chief said the group wanted to spark violence. Michigan Pride is working closely with Lansing police to go over their safety plan.

“I wouldn’t say worried is the proper word,” said Faith. “I’d say proactively anticipating anything.”

We spoke with Lansing police and they said they do not anticipate any problems or issues this weekend. But, if you see anyone doing something wrong or against the law, don’t take matters into your own hands. Instead, you should tell an officer.

“The people that come to pride need to know we are watching out for their safety and security first,” said Faith.

So that everyone can have a great time and rally behind a common goal.

“To get total equality, total understanding and if you don’t understand and you don’t accept it please at least just tolerate it,” Faith said.

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