LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A lawsuit was announced Tuesday morning against Kozmic Family Practice in Lansing, with two women alleging that they experienced sexual harassment at the hands of Dr. Joseph Kozlowski.

Sarah Denham and Alexis Phillips both worked at the medical practice for a few years, saying Kozlowski had been harassing them since 2019.

According to the women, Kozlowski would often make sexual comments and lude gestures toward them.

Phillips spoke with 6 News and describes an instance in which Kozlowski grabbed her by the belt and pulled her towards him, and then made comments about her body. She spoke with management, and Kozlowski began retirement, but still met with patients virtually.

Though Phillips was offered the opportunity to transfer by Kozmic Family Practice, she felt that that wasn’t fair to her patients.

“I’m still working at Kozmic Family Practice because I truly care for my patients and my community,” said Alexis Phillips. “I’m scared to come into work because I don’t know what’s going to happen. But regardless of what happens I know my employer does not support me.”

Dr. Kozlowski is no longer practicing medicine.

The lawsuit will be filed in October after the State of Michigan wraps up its investigation of the situation.