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After all sides reported progress last week on resolving budget disputes between the governor and GOP leaders, a new bump in the road has popped out that could delay or derail any new budget deal.

13 million for sheriff patrols is not a done deal, rearranging the K-12 budget is not a done deal, and pumping money into services for veterans is not a done deal.

That is because two GOP leaders want some assurances from the governor that she will not rearrange a new budget deal if they hatch one.

This issue came up last week and the governor did not want to discuss it.

“That’s something that I’m not ready to have any real conversation on,” said Governor Whitmer.

But now she has to talk about it because in her meeting on Tuesday with the GOP leaders, it became clear that the republicans want assurances the governor will not alter any budget deal.

One of the governor’s key negotiators on this issue says if there’s a deal she wont use her powers to change it once the GOP leaders sign off.

“This governor, if she get back to the room and negate, would be willing to undo those as well as she should never use it on an actual agreement,” said State Sen. Curtis Hertel, Jr, D-East Lansing.

But the gop speaker has said privately he will not give the governor any new budget dollars until and unless she promises never to use her powers again and mr. shirkey is asking for the same thing.

This GOP member of the senate budget committee wants a committed to that.

“We’d like to know that she is committed. we need to make sure were putting all this time into a budget for certain thing, that we’re going to have the money there when the people know they can count on it,” said State Senator Curt VanderWall, R-Senate Budget Committee.

Insiders predict this bump will eventually be resolved but it be may later than sooner.

In the meantime some vital state services for you, remain in legislative limbo.

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