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Skubick: Does Mr. Engler go to Washington? Could face Nassar questioning

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) - Michigan State University's interim president John Engler could be the next top university official to testify before Congress on the schools handling of the Larry Nassar ordeal.  

Former MSU president Dr. Lou Anna Simon had to be subpoenaed to appear before Congress on what she knew about the Larry Nassar situation.

Could her successor be next to testify in the nation's Capitol?

Former governor Jim Blanchard, whose law firm represents MSU in Congress, thinks that will happen.  "I'd be surprised if it didn't happen," said Blanchard.

Even though Mr. Engler was not on campus during the twenty year Larry Nassar sexual abuse situation, Congress may want to hear from him anyway.

Mr. Blanchard reports, to date, thousands of documents of internal communications have been shared with three Congressional committees, including the House Energy and Oversight committee and the Senate Commerce committee.

Mr. Blanchard told the MSU trustees recently that so far the relationship with Congress has "gone as well as it could' and no one has complained.

However, Congress has requested information that the university considers classified because its attorney-client communications.

MSU chief attorney Robert Young has said the university won't release any of that data because it is privileged and Mr. Blanchard agrees.  "I think he's correct. Advice to the board is privileged."

Mr.Blanchard says information about the what, where and when surrounding this issue has been shared.

Prosecutor Bill Forsyth working with the state attorney general's office on its own MSU investigation will petition a local judge to force the university to release the attorney-client information, which ultimately could have an impact on what, if any, data is forwarded to Congress. 

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