Michigan betters are one step closer towards legalized Internet and sport betting, but the governor is telling 6 News there won’t be a deal unless the school aid fund is protected.

“I’m not going to expand gambling in our state at the expense of our school kids,” insists Gov. Whitmer.

When told the governor is concerned about the school aid fund, internet gambling bill sponsor Rep. Brandt Iden said, “as am I.”

The governor and the internet gambling sponsor do not have a deal yet but some progress is being made.

The governor originally argued she wanted 15 percent of all the money from sports betting and 40 percent from the internet.

Rep. Iden started at 8 percent but reports here for the first time, they have closed the gap.

“Yes, we did and I think one of the landing spots we were trying to get to was 20-25 percent and I think that is coming together on this.

The governor wants all of the money to go to schools and she is afraid that more Internet gaming could reduce the profits of the state I-lottery, which raises money for schools.

The governor is hanging tough on that front.

“There’s been some robust debate. I’ve said over and over again that protecting the school aid fund is my top priority. I’m going to have a hard time supporting anything that doesn’t protect that goal.”

Mr. Iden is telling the governor’s office the I-lottery for schools will not be harmed and he promises that.

“We’re not going to have the school aid fund lose money. There is a big misunderstanding about that on what the money impact is on the lottery whatsoever.

So is Rep. Iden ready to guarantee the governor no losses?

Yeah, absolutely. I’ve not seen that in any other states,” he insists.

Michigan doesn’t have Las Vegas-style betting yet, but Mr. Iden remains confident it will happen

“I think we’re going to get there.”