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Skubick: Whitmer hopes renewed budget bargaining will move forward

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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is hoping to begin a new round of budget negotiations with the two Republican leaders tomorrow.

But she is also telling 6 News that she is dusting off her veto pen if Republicans try to give you some money back.

State Senate Republican leader Mike Shirkey was blunt.

Skubick: “Are you angry with the governor?”

Sen. Shirkey: “No. “

Skubick: “Are you happy with the governor?

Sen. Shirkey: “No. I’m just frustrated.”

Senate Republicans are frustrated that the governor performed major surgery on the budget they sent her as she slashed away 147 times at spending the Republicans wanted.

And now there is chatter that the Senate leader may take some of the $1 billion in budgets that she made and send it back to you.

Skubick: “How serious are you about sending that billion back to taxpayers?”

Sen. Shirkey: “Everything is on the table.”

Skubick: “Is that fiscally responsible?”

Sen. Shirkey: “Are you kidding? Anytime you can give money back to the taxpayers you should do that.”

The governor has heard this chatter, too.

But she wants to fund many of the state services she says she had to veto this week.

And as for giving it back to you?

“I would veto it,” said Gov. Whitmer.

Skubick: “So you would tell the taxpayers you don’t want them to have the money.?”

“I would say to the taxpayers exactly what it would cost them to do that,” said Gov. Whitmer

Sen. Shirkey responded to that.

Skubick: “She said she would veto it.”

Sen. Shirkey: “She’s pretty good at that.”

So it is against the backdrop that the governor calls in the two Republican leaders and the two Democratic leaders to start work on a supplemental budget bill to restore those state services.

Last week Mr. Shirkey said he would put those supplemental budget requests in a bucket and at the time he left the impression he would work with the governor to iron out their differences.

But today he said he never said that.

Which means tomorrow’s meeting may not be a budget lovefest.  

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