LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Due to the rising numbers in COVID-19 cases and the increased transmission of the omicron variant, Sparrow Health System is limiting patient visitors starting Tuesday, Jan. 11.

Sparrow said its reducing the number of visitors to protect patients and staff as well as to limit the potential spread of the virus as there is a record high number of COVID positive patients and caregivers, the health system said.

Here’s a breakdown of the new guidelines that start on Jan. 11:

-Only one visitor will be allowed per patient each day. Patients or someone representing them will be expected to make arrangements to accommodate to this new rule. Until Jan. 11, two visitors are allowed per patient.

-Patients in Pediatrics and Women’s Services units are allowed two visitors throughout their stay.

-Patients in the Emergency Department, may have one visitor once they are in a room.

-Comfort Care/End-of-Life patients will be addressed on a case by case basis.

Sparrow plans on monitoring numbers and adjusting these restrictions based off of case numbers and safety.

The health system said they do value visitation as a part of the healing process.

All visitors are required to properly wear face masks at all Sparrow locations.