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Mental Health, it’s a struggle affecting one in five Americans. And adults are not the only one’s struggling. Today, schools from across the state came to downtown Lansing for the 2019 Student Mental Health Summit.

Students such as Olivia Deming have seen first hand the struggles that face today’s youth. The senior at North Farmington High School hears about it too.

“I notice that when I tell people that I am tired or overwhelmed the common response is me too.”

Thirty seven. That’s the percent of students in Michigan who say they felt sad or hopeless almost every day. That’s why Olivia, along with principals, counselors, teachers, and students alike, came together to learn and to listen to each other on one of societies growing challenges.

“The student mental health issues that face students today are growing. They’re growing every year. Most of us in education did not go through the things that our students have to go through right now. So for me the number one thing is just an awareness of what the problems are and a willingness to come together with our staffs and with our students to seek solutions to these problems,” said Principal of Sandusky Junior/Senior High school, Steve Carlson.

Students also listened to several speakers like former professional basketball player Kurt David, share their own stories and struggles and offered up advice.

“I just had somebody ask me after the key note was you know I’m afraid to fail. I’m afraid of that. To me that used to be the opposite of success. So one of the mentalities or mindsets is to understand is that failure is an important part of success,” said David.

Olivia wants her classmates to know that despite their struggles, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

“My greatest triumphs they have all come from moments where I have been at my lowest. My trauma, my struggles, they have lead me to a place in my life where I’m accomplishing greater things and I have this platform and so when I experience people talking to me about what they are going through one thing that I tell them is there’s a reason for it. And the cliché everything happens for a reason is just tattooed on my mind because if someone is suffering now it’s going to lead them to greatness in the future.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues you can visit this site.,5885,7-339-71550_2941_4868_4899—,00.html

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