LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — In honor of Women’s History Month, the Impression 5 Science Center has a new art display.

The artists behind the masterpiece are second and third-graders.

“I am just so proud of the artists and the art that they produced from this. second and third-grade art, I think this is pretty amazing,” said teacher Amy Miros.

Located on the top floor of the center in downtown Lansing, you’ll see dozens of hand-drawn portraits.

MSU graduate student and local artist Shawna Morton said she had a vision.

“When I was in my undergraduate program, I learned about some amazing women that I was honestly confused as to why I didn’t learn about them when I was younger, so I was trying to think of an engaging way for students to learn about them when they are younger, so I started creating these trading cards of influential women in history and passing them out, but I thought it would be better if they got even more involved and created artwork inspired by someone they learned about,” said Morton.

Morton eventually reached out to Miros, an art teacher at Donley elementary school.

Miros was thrilled with the idea and had her students get hard to work, creating portraits of women in history who inspired them.

“They were so amazing that I decided we needed to have frames, so I reached out to the community and begged on social media and parents, and friends and family pulled through and got 95 frames for us,” said Miros.

Students also said that they really enjoyed drawing the portraits.

“My favorite part about doing this project was probably everything,” said third-grader said Piper Johnson.

The portraits will be at the museum until the end of the month.

Morton says she plans on continuing this project.