LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — With things at Lansing Community College resuming Tuesday, the school released a statement that said there is no evidence that anyone’s personal information is at risk.

Even with no risk, students and employees were still instructed to reset their passwords if they wanted access to their assigned devices.

Both students and faculty said although it was worrisome at first, they feel like LCC is handling it the best way it can.

“I was nervous somebody might get my identity,” said LCC freshman Joshua Williams. “But I figured they can take care of it.”

When students and staff were locked out after they typed in passwords to their school devices, most were shocked to learn what was actually wrong.

“I got a bunch of notifications all very suddenly, and we just kind of waited and saw what happened,” said LCC faculty member Hannah Anderson.

Once LCC noticed suspicious activity in its network last Wednesday, the campus shut it down immediately.

“It was kind of overwhelming and stressing,” said campus employee and LCC junior Adriana Crowell. “Cause I couldn’t access anything.”

Today hundreds of students lined up at Gannon Hall, waiting up to 45 minutes to have their devices unlocked and passwords changed.

“I’ll probably start changing my passwords ’cause I always use the same password for everything,” said sophomore Stephen McCorry.

LCC released a statement that said the school has notified law enforcement, and an investigation has been launched.

So far, it’s revealed the suspicious activity was not a ransomware attack. Some say the school’s response has put them at ease.

“They’ve been as transparent as they can be,” said Hannah Anderson.

But one thing is for certain, last week’s threat has taught many on campus to keep the safety of their information a priority.

“Take it seriously because your identity is all you’ve got, and people are out there to ruin people’s lives,” said Joshua Williams.

Students and faculty won’t be able to use the school’s educational portal D2L until Tuesday.